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How About We Go Back?

What’s that, you say?

We average one mass shooting of men, women, children and babies by our own hands for every day of the year? Our children and babies have gunman drills when they aren’t doing fire drills? “Family values” is nothing more than a political pawn?

How about we go back to valuing the family.

image: Périsset

How about we go back to wages for one person being more than the cost of living for half of a person, and enough for a family to thrive instead of barely survive?

How about we go back to living within our means if it means we can live?

How about we go back to our children being a major component in our lives, instead of trying to fit children into the crevices between what makes up the rest of our lives? Because someday our children will be us. And our children are stunted in every possible way by being poured into the shadowy confines between our work, our work, our struggle to consume the most and the best, our work, and our toys.

How about we go back to expecting the best of our children instead of pandering to and patronizing their worst?

How about going back to having the time for church to be a wellspring of the beauty, comfort, and magic of faith that can fill us up, instead of being just another loose plug draining the already too-limited time we have with our families?

How about we go back to honoring our fathers and mothers, and how about our fathers and mothers go back to being worthy of honor?

How about we go back to buying quality things that last, so we don’t have to keep working just to buy more of all of the same things when they wear out and break; and so our children stop wearing out and breaking, and so they know that if things aren’t disposable--surely people aren’t, either?

How about we go back to teaching our children to be good at and willing to do something? So that they don’t do nothing while their partner does everything and we can stop arguing about someone doing nothing, when really everyone is doing everything and nothing is done well and children suffer it all.


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